Sunday, November 9, 2008

Open Source; “Gas Assisted Solar Absorption Heat Engine” - GASAHE

Liquid Jet Compressors do vacuum gases using pressured liquids.
The efficiency of diffusion absorption refrigeration is low due to lack of suction on the evaporator.
Using a liquid jet compressor to suction of the evaporated gas will increase the efficiency and making possible to use the principle to generate electric power.
The poor ammonia-water mixture from the rectifier is at same pressure of the mixture leaving the pump, and the utilization of that pressure in a liquid jet compressor will increase the back pressure in the pump and decrease the pressure at the evaporator.

The Gas Assisted Solar Absorption Heat Engine “GASAHE”, proposed is an idea that may resolve the issue of condensing ammonia after work is done in an expansion turbine.
The Coanda jet compressor proposed may increase the performance of traditional jets.

I do not have the scientific analyses, but I believe that everybody will participate in this open source project and together we will build the plans for manufacturing a prototype.

I am an Angola citizen and my intention is to help my country to provide clean electric energy and water to the population.

With a scientific analysis of the engine, I believe that my government will finance the production of a prototype and if proved concept, finance the manufacturing of it.

Thank you for making the World a better place to everybody



Anonymous said...

I agree with you ! We all have to work on systems like this one wich are profitable for country like yours. I hope you'll succed.

Flogistix said...

really ??? this was cool . . how about vapor recovery unit . . and also does natural gas affect the balance in the environment??? . .this was my study . . .